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Characters Wanted:

Burt Hummel

Emma Howell ( she is married after all. If not, use her maiden name, that's fine.)

Sunshine Corazon

Bryan Ryan

Matt Rutherford

Shelby Corcoran

Becky Jackson

Terri Delmonico

Dustin Goolsby

Dakota Stanley

Chris ( 6 year senior of VA)

Andrea Cohen

Michael Riccio

James David:- Character unknown

Brock Baker- Character unknown

Dominic M. Barnes- Character unknown

Matt Hall- Character unknown

Nelson Beato- Character unknown

Cord Jackman- Character unknown

Aaron C. Page - Character unknown

Luke Edgemon - Flint

Dan Wyatt ( Fist pumping guy)

Brett who smells homeless.

Anthony Rashad

Artie Abrams

Eddy Martin who plays Thad

Sam Evans

Finn Hudson

Noah Puckerman

Mercedes Jones

Characters up for adoption:

Shannon Bieste

Mike Chang


Will Schuester

How to Join: 

Please friend these accounts: 
Once you have made your character page.

Rules/ Guidelines: You control your character and you decide whether or not you want to follow canon 100 percent. The only rule I enforce is having fun and if you have any problems with any of the members please talk to them or reach me and I'll speak to them.


Side note: Any questions feel free to PM over at my Kurt account or on LJ. 

19 March 2011 @ 05:35 pm
Hello, loves!

Drop down any plots you want to have with your characters.

Any complaints? PM, or PC me and I'll do my best to solve it.
19 March 2011 @ 05:33 pm

First: Character List are being updated.

Second: LJ cut experts are needed because I am promoting in some places.

Third: HI!
22 February 2011 @ 12:33 am
Hi, guys!!

I'm Noelle (or Carole Hudson-Hummel and Dr. Carl Howell :]) and I am now a maintainer! After much searching, I finally found the coding for our banner!! And BAM! We have a banner!! *flails*

That is all :)
Current Location: Cloud Nine!
Current Mood: accomplished
15 February 2011 @ 07:37 am
 Guys, please remember to join, first choose a character not marked off on the list and then create your character page. We are not friending your personal FB account. I'm just saying this because I've had a couple of FR that looked like they were from personal accounts. If you haven't left a message on here, I would send a message with my FR to Kurt. So...yeah. 
04 February 2011 @ 03:46 am
Banner is almost complete :) Yay TWIN! (Alex/Brittany/April)

Okay, so I have been ignoring this because I fail, and I've been neglecting a lot of things. Promotion once again starts a.s.a.p because I know we are missing a lot of members, and I have an inkling that some characters feel left out.

As always I am available for talking so PM away.

Lol, and for those who wonder who the 'weirdo' is...It is I, Cindy aka Kurt/Sho/Mike- Or as Christy calls me Schizo <3 In the most loving way of course.

Okay, so thank you everyone whose had a hand in promoting our RPG, but once again I will start promoting this in communities and in my own Personal Journal because I think I can secure at least some members ( here's hoping!)


Hopefully most of the members are logged in so we can all discuss the episode and just make a night out of it.

I posted a character intro in the beginning, but I'll do it again because there's been a lot of changes to Kurt Hummel. Also, I have to do one for Sho and Mike.
24 January 2011 @ 01:49 am
(Bunny here again)

This be William Johnson, aka Billy aka BJ. He's a Senior at Carmel this year. He loves being with Vocal Adrenaline, and no he wasn't part of the asses who tormented that one chick. He doesn't devote all his time to VA like others, he's a big sports star at Carmel. Top swimmer on their swim team, and also plays on the soccer and baseball teams.

In his free time you'll probably catch him out skateboarding, or if it's too cold for that out on his dirt bike or even his snowmobile.

Also you know those kids who just can't resist copying the idiots on JackAss? Well Billy here is one of those idiots. He's broken nearly every bone in his body at least once, and has a collection of casts and other fun stuff. He doesn't like to really video tape himself doing the stupid stuff, or anything. He'd much rather just focus on the crowds then on camera and such.

So far he doesn't know what he's doing after high school. He figures he'll end up somewhere warm, but he's not ruling out the snowy states. He just knows it's going to be far away from Ohio.
23 January 2011 @ 10:23 pm

Jesse St James –

To Jesse, performing is his life. His parents both work in production, and he is an only child. His parents have rather busy lives, both working so that they have a privileged lifestyle. He was never really giving any rules as a child, but at the age of eight after getting told of for fighting, his father signed him up for a performing arts club at the local community centre. This started his life of performing.

His voice is something he could not life without. Along with his most awesome hair. And as he entered Carmel, and joined Vocal Adrenaline, he realised that his performing approach had to change. To be a tough, amazing actor and singer, to make it on Broadway, he had to be ruthless. He had to have an awesome show smile. And he had to manipulate whoever he can to get there. He doesn’t let to many people in, apart from Sho who is like his sister. However, recently, he has started to gain feelings towards the New Direction group he helped to sabotage. Darn heart.

Jesse is complicated. He can be sarcastic, loving, moody, annoying, show smiley and even bitchy. But he is not, and will never be gay. Straight guys like musicals too, got it?

Jo – Hi! I’m a second year uni student from England. I love glee, which is why i’m here. Well, I kinda ship Kurt with either Puck, Sam or Blaine, cos they are all so cute together. I’m studying criminology, and have a strange thing against spiders. Horrible creatures they are.